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  • Ewe'n Me
    I make a large variety of items.

    Knitting bags, Sock Knitting bags, Dyed sock yarns, Dyed/Carded Spinning Batts, Spindles, Nostepindes and much more. I handknit scarves and felted purses.

    I also sew and make machine embroidered items.

    Embroidered Onesies, Burp Cloths, Puppets and toys, purses and much more.

    From time to time I make dresses, tutu's and fleece hats. Most of these I make for my Grand Daughters and Nieces.

    I make handmade soaps and other bath/body products.

    My daughters are now helping me with creating things with me and helping me with sales. We are currently working on jewelry.... necklaces, earrings and bracelets. We hope to have these ready to list for Sale for the upcoming Christmas Holiday shopping season.

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