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  • Cooler by the Lake
    Thank you for stopping in at Cooler by the Lake! Why the name? I live in Indiana, near Lake Michigan, and grew up in Chicago. One of the things I remember so well from growing up is hearing the weatherman on the 10 p.m. news saying "...and cooler by the lake." I decided around the fall of 2009 to try creating things with the glass I found. After making a few things as gifts, and then even selling a couple, I realized how much I enjoy creating, but I also realized how much I love to share my love of the Great Lakes and the story of beach glass with others! Beach glass can be hundreds of years old. An old bottle tossed over a ship's rail, or broken up during a shipwreck, and the pieces ground, tossed and tumbled into the beautiful frosted pieces we later find on our beaches.
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