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  • SkinScents by Irismarie
    SkinScents (by Irismarie) was born to a reluctant owner, back in 2008, when a relative took notice of Iris’ penchant for making her own sugar scrubs and other skin care products. and asked Iris to make 100 teddy bear soap bars for a baby shower. They were a hit and Iris was told to start a business-which she didn't, because she is a scaredy cat. After finally being advised by another friend to “suck it up and own the (insert expletive here) business” some months later, Iris started Skinscents (by Irismarie). SkinScents specializes in bath bars, liquid soaps, bath salts, body scrubs, body butters and, on occasion, candles. All of our products are natural. No preservatives. No pesky parabens, scare a bens or any of the other "Bens" that science has lured us away from. (No offense to anyone named Ben, I'm sure you're lovely people) We sell individual products as well as gift baskets, party favors, wedding favors, bridesmaids gifts, baby showers, promotional stuff, etc.
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