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  • The School of WitchCRAFTING


    Welcome to my magical shop of handmade goodness! Here you'll find crafts ranging from miniature foods, to awesome animals, to your favorite characters, all in a kawaii style I started working with polymer clay just out of pure curiosity in late 2014 and fell in love. I've enjoyed working with polymer clay so much more than I would have ever imagined! Now I want to share my creations with all of you! Getting more involved in crafting and the crafting community was the push I needed to continue to explore other crafting mediums, so I am currently working with resin as well! Crafting these little charms out of polymer clay does so many things for me, but most of all it brings me so much joy- both the journey and the destination! I hope that my little creations can bring you the same joy that it brings me to create them. Currently 5% of each purchase will be going towards the World Wildlife Foundation to support their conservation efforts! Each purchase also comes with a small gift!

    This store http://tswitchcrafting.shophandmade.com
    Location Plattsburgh, NY, United States of America


    Orders are shipped via USPS First Class mail, the most affordable shipping for the customer!


    Returns accepted for all items within 7 days of delivery, but buyer must pay return shipping. Exchanges (for non one-of-a-kind items) or refunds accepted for items that arrive damaged upon delivery. Must get in contact with me within 7 days of delivery and send a picture of the damages. However, if foul play is suspected with your claim (i.e. multiple claims of damaged items from multiple orders), then I reserve the right to deny you a refund or an exchange (but I'm sure it won't come to that).


    ·The quantity of each item will be 10 (if it is not a one-of-a-kind) for logistic purposes. However, these items are custom made-to-order (as in not ready to ship), so please be aware of this in terms of shipping time! Thank you for your patience ! -Unless stated in the description of the item that only one is available, ordering multiples of one item is definitely possible! Contact me to let me know if you would like more than the quantity listed! Keep in mind that if you would like multiples of one thing, they will not be ready to ship and they will take longer to get to you, so patience is key. ·Most colors are custom mixed, and coupled with your screen, the color seen in the picture of the item listing and what you receive may differ slightly. I try to keep it true to the picture as much as possible! -Because everything is handmade, no two items are exactly the same! Your item will still end up as cute as the picture you see on my website (I will make sure of that!), but please be aware there may be the tiniest of differences between what you receive and the picture on my website. -On select items (check the item description!) I offer the chance for you to choose the colors that you'd like the charm to be at no extra cost. Of course if you like my original colors that's fine too, but I offer this so that the colors I have chosen don't limit you if you'd like another combination! ·Custom items are accepted and welcomed! Please note that all custom designs will be priced higher than similar items listed in the shop. Custom design pricing starts at $10.00 (USD). Please contact me to order a custom item and give me as much detail as possible with what you'd like your custom item to look like (pick out the colors, send a picture, etc!). Custom items must be paid for in advance, but I will work with you to ensure the design is to your liking! Because custom items cannot be resold (as they are custom to you!) I cannot issue refunds for them. ·You may cancel your order within 24 hours of placing it. You can do this by contacting me with the box on the left with your order number. If you cancel within the 24 hour window, you will be eligible for a full refund. After that, unless you contact me stating that you do not want to receive the item, I will still be sending it to you. ***Please contact me with any questions at theschoolofwitchcrafting@gmail.com***
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