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    I am "The Maker". I enjoy making arts and crafts of all kinds. I crochet, build with wood, make resin crafts, fold origami and throw ceramics, I can also do cross stitch, long stitch, macrame and basket weaving. In the past i have made soap and candles for friends and family. I decided to open a shop so that I have a place to sell the items I have made. I am hoping to pay off some school loans early and finish my nursing degree! Currently I am a licensed open water diver and have an associates in medical management along with quite a few art classes. For the past five years to current I have been a public servant. I have a love for learning all things that can be taught and will most likely be a life long student!!

    This store http://themaker.shophandmade.com
    Location hitchcock, texas, United States of America


    local meet up and drop off


    local meet, local sales. for non local sales please see my etsy shop


    I pride myself on the quality of my work and my connections with my customers. If you have any issues with billing let me know and i will give you my full attention.
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