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  • NFG


    Here is a little information about the artwork I'm excited to share...

    Echo paintings: Each painting is one of a kind, using scrap paint (from my other paintings) and scrap wood. Their small size is great for tight spaces, pairing with other art, or build your own collage of echoes! Wall mount design allows for you to hang each piece in whichever orientation speaks to you. Some pre-selected combinations will be featured, on handmade frames also created from upcycled/scrap materials.

    Knits: Made from mostly second-hand yarn.

    My other creative projects and adventures: http://www.facebook.com/NFGartist

    My website: http://nfgartist.wix.com/nfgartist

    Note: to do credit card payments, simply go through the payment process until you are asked to actually sign into PayPal.. you should be able to choose to pay via credit card then.

    Thanks for visiting :)

    This store http://nfg.shophandmade.com
    Location gb, WI, United States of America


    Orders are shipped within 4-7 business days using eco-friendly shipping materials. Larger items or multiple paintings may require additional time to ship.


    No returns accepted
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