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  • Jennie's Crafts
    With all of my Family and Friends love and support, I am trying to turn my dream into a reality. My Mother and Grandmother taught me different crafts from a young age and from there my love of creativity blossomed. My early years were all about cross stitch and plastic canvas until my Father broadened my horizons by introducing me to loom beading and since then I have been beading constantly. Without their influences, I would never have realized my God-given talent and I could never thank them enough for their patience and teachings. Currently, I make a large array of items that can also be made to order. I am very aware of people's financial constraints and try my hardest to work with any budget. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at: jennifer_sanchez99@yahoo.com Thank you for looking and God Bless! ~Jennie
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