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  • Garden Memories Nursery & Gifts


    We focus on making garden related products. We want to share the heavenly aromatherapy of lavender and offer this either in bulk, in lavender sachets, or it can also be included in our flaxseed heat and cold packs. If you have overdone it in the garden, our flaxseed heat or cold wraps are perfect to sooth sore muscles - and with the option to add lavender, you can still enjoy the fragrance of the garden while resting. We also make seasonal wreaths to help you add that fun touch to your decor.

    This store http://gardenmemories.shophandmade.com
    Location Amity, OR, United States of America


    Orders are shipped via priority mail within 1-3 business days, but we can ship the cheapest option based on customer preference.


    Flaxseed heat and cold packs can not be returned due to the nature of the product. Thank you!


    Due to the hygiene nature of the flaxseed heat and cold packs, these items can not be returned once shipped, but please contact us with any questions. All information, name, address, e mail and/or phone number will be for our use only and will never be shared or sold. Thank you!
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