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  • Crafted Herbals


    Making is addictive. Making unites us with creation energy. Making each thing unique brings joy and satisfaction! The old granny that started Crafted Herbals lived many years studying nature and making herbal remedies in the Appalachian Mountains. She moved to town and, knowing it was immoral to sell healing, she sells other various things she makes instead, preferring to give her remedies to those that need them.

    This store http://craftedherbals.shophandmade.com
    Location Simpsonville, SC, United States of America


    Shipping is done via USPS First Class Priority Mail which has a 3 day delivery, tracking and insurance.

    Returns Accepted

    • Returns accepted for unused/unopened items within 7 days of delivery.
    • Buyer pays return shipping.


    Privacy: Your info will never be distributed by this shop. If the maker herself wouldn't use something she has made, she definitely wouldn't sell it to you! The maker and her family test and use a bit of every soap variety sold before it is released to anyone else, indeed, in some cases, the maker gets greedy and keeps many things, including crystals and soaps for herself and her own family.
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