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  • Occult Spirits

    Thursday, March 28, 2019
    By Occult Spirits

    My birthday, perfect day to talk about solar returns...

    Hi all, welcome to Spirit's blog. Today, I would like to talk about solar returns, what they are and how they affect you. A return chart is when a planet returns to where it was located when you were born. A solar return occurs once every year, lunar returns once a month, and mars returns once every two and a half years. A solar return, is when the sun returns. So take for example if your birthday is March 28th, 1983, at 8:55 pm, your sun would return to 8 degrees, 03 minutes of Aries. So using the previous date, you would generate a chart for the year 2019.

    I would start my interpretation with the solar return Ascendant, this tells the action for the year ahead. My return has a Libra Ascendant, so therefore my action for the year ahead will be balanced, harmonious, calm and seeking fairness.

    Next I would find the chart ruler, which is the ruler of the Ascendant. In my case the chart ruler is Venus. There will be a strong influence on the house that contains the chart ruler, my case it is the fourth house representing home and personal foundation. The more challenging the aspects to the chart ruler, the more challenging the year. I have a square from mars, that is going to conflict my passion or drive (mars), to my home or foundation. There is also an inconjunction from the Medium Coeli, or MC. So that will require repeated adjustment through the year between my public image and home life.

    Any planet that is conjunct an angle could shape the sun's purpose for the year. For example in my solar return chart Uranus is conjunct my Descendant. This will mean a radical change in my partner or the way I view relationships.

    Mercury is the mind's placement for the year, mine would be in my in my fifth house. The house of creativity, leisure, and playfulness.

    Venus is where a lot of value will be placed throughout the year. For this year mine is in the fourth house, the house of home and foundation.

    Mars is the area where you react, are motivated, on task or push forward. This year my Mars is in the eighth house, the house of other's assets, birth, death, the unknown and deep bonding with others.

    Jupiter's placement in the solar return tell where you experience opportunities, personal growth, luck, but also can be a point of overindulgence. This year mine is in my second house, the house of values and money.

    Saturn shows were we will be challenged or restricted. From my chart my third house may be a source of challenge through this year.

    Uranus in the solar return is where you rebel, break away, change or let go. Uranus causes a very restless nature, or anxiety in the native. From my example, I have Uranus in the seventh house, conjunct my Descendant line, therefore there is a lot of restless energy, anxiety, or spontaneous change to my relationships or partner.

    Neptune in the solar return symbolizes ruins, disillusions or creative inspiration and the influence of your dreams. From the example of mine, Neptune falls in the fifth house, the house of creativity, leisure and playfulness. I am hoping for creative inspiration.

    Pluto in the solar return chart is where you draw boundaries, empower yourself or encounter choice. Pluto in the example chart is in the third house, the house of communication and learning. For me it could be finding my voice in my writings.

    Specific houses in the solar return bring certain things to attention as well, for example the eighth is a point of confrontation or crisis. The fourth is indicative of how you feel on a psychological level.

    All in all, when doing a solar return interpretation be sure to look at all the planets in the solar return houses. Also remember to compare them with your natal chart to see what has changed. The solar return is an excellent way to see what lies ahead of you. It is one of the major charts used in predictive astrology, I personally use mine as a guide for decisions and actions. That is all for today, thank you for joining me. Blessed be.

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