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  • Occult Spirits

    Wednesday, March 20, 2019
    By Occult Spirits

    Astrology, Is it science or hocus pocus?

    Welcome, today I would like to discuss with you astrology. Astrology is the study of the planets in relation to how they affect human behavior and characteristics. So Astronomy is the scientific study of the planets and their orbits. The study of human behavior and characteristics are both branches of the scientific study of Psychology. Now here's the interesting part, as soon as you combine these two scientific studies you are in essence left with Astrology. You are also left with about half the people you know telling you it's a joke. So my question would be "Why are you doubting something just because you can't see it?" As soon as the issue of belief comes into play, now suddenly it's magic, bologna, hocus pocus, the occult, or any other explanation you've heard which I am sure is many. People believe in some of the most silly things, for example breaking a mirror will bring you seven years bad luck. I'm not going to get into superstitions, that would be a post in itself, but they belief that but not Astrology, really? Okay feel free to post as always, I would love to hear other's opinions. Until then keep watching them stars and how they will affect you. And so will I, from my feisty little life as an Aries sun.

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