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  • 3Docp


    This is our marketplace where we will list and sell much of what we custom print. Any item pictured will be available in a wide variety of colors and materials, and are made to order.

    This store http://3docpcom.shophandmade.com
    Location alliance, ohio, United States of America

    Standard Shipping

    • Orders are shipped within two business days via USPS First Class mail.
    • Contact us for tracking and insurance options.


    Although we strive to produce quality products, in rare instances an item may be defective. Please feel free to contact us withing 14 days of receiving your order so that we can discuss possible solutions, replacements, or refunds. All of our products have been tested and are held to the highest of quality standards.Most of the orders we receive will also be "made to order", meaning that when we receive your order your item is made to the size and color that you select. This is also how we keep our prices as low as possible!
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