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    Rosy Joy

    ~ Handmade Jewelry + More ~


    15 inch polyester macrame bracelets. Limited supply, but restocked often. Designs change every month or so.


    Creating homemade bracelets while we’re all stuck in quarantine.

    December's Children

    Turning Nightmares Into Dreams!

    Overwhelmed by today's Social Restrictions?

    Restore your inner self and regain your strength through the power of gemstones!

    From Agate to Zebra Jasper, we have the power you need.

    Elaina's Crafty Creations

    Graphic Design
    A place to sell my creations.

    GriffGirl Creations

    Paper Crafts
    Delivering pre-made and custom adhesive decals, & handmade creations


    Interior, sewn and knitted dolls, cute animals, flowers for interior decoration, caskets, knitted yarn rugs, beautiful little things for a wedding

    Payton Murphy Design

    Earrings, Bracelet
    Welcome to Payton Murphy Design! Each item I create is one of a kind, full of eclectic finds and handmade with care and attention to detail. I am always open to special orders or requests, please just contact me for details! I hope you enjoy...

    Mintwood Market

    Mintwood Market specializes in custom wood pieces and hand painted designs to add that touch of farmhouse to your decor. Every piece is handmade with a special creative touch just for you.


    Needle Arts
    We offer custom Anime and Videogame Embroidery patterns and designs.


    Art, Furniture
    This delicate process involves carefully cutting, carving and engraving marble shapes by hand and only very few people possess this rare craft.


    Hello! I'm an amateur hand made plush maker!