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  • How To: Sell Internationally

    Currency Displayed

    All prices on Shop Handmade, unless otherwise noted explicitly by seller, are displayed in US Dollars.

    Currency Conversion

    Your bank will perform the currency conversion between the seller and your local currency.

    Taxes & Duties

    The seller will ship all orders freight prepaid, but buyers should check with local authorities about any additional fees which may need to be paid. Shipments to international destinations are subject to Customs & Duties and may be assessed VAT taxes by your local jurisdiction. Duties, taxes and brokerage fees on items are established by the buyer's local government and is always the responsibility of the recipient. The duty is determined by the value of the merchandise and other complicated factors and is determined by your local Customs office.

    Here are some resources which you may find helpful: (We are not the publisher of this information and cannot be responsible for its accuracy.)

    Some items may not ship to some countries

    Please note that some sellers may not ship to every country. It is the seller's option to choose which countries they will ship to. Additionally, some items may not be suitable for international shipment because of technical issues or because of local regulations. For example, DVDs will sometimes not play in another region, and certain symbols are prohibited in some countries.

    On orders shipped to a country that the seller is not located in, the seller always has the right to decline shipment by providing a full and prompt refund.

    Certain countries are rife with fraud and sellers are strongly advised to not ship to Nigeria and other remote regions of the world.

    Common Sense advice

    Most international buyers and sellers are wonderful, responsible people.

    But use common-sense when shipping internationally. Discuss any details in advance and be certain to provide a correct address and phone numbers.

    Paying using PayPal or a credit card is usually a smart way to pay. Both the buyer and the seller receive a certain degree of protection.

    If an international seller asks you to send money via Western Union or a check, you would be well advised to decline. Never, ever send money via Western Union. If you do, you will have absolutely no recourse.