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  • Market Policy

    Create or join a market…it's free!

    Join a Market

    When you join a Market, more customers will see your store and your products. Customers visiting products in other stores will see that the store is part of a Market. They can then click on that Market and see the products in the entire marketplace. Then, they can click on your store logo or on your products! Join a Market and sell more products.

    Create a Market

    When you create a Market, you can invite other stores to join your Market. When they do, customers have an easy path to see all of the stores and all of the products in the Market. Customers like to window shop, and Markets provide an easy path to wander from store to store within a related Market.

    To create a Market, click here.

    Many people find that they want to organize their Markets around:

    When you create a Market you control the policies of the market and control who may join and remain members.

    Any Market may only have up to 50 stores, so Markets remain small and focused.

    Any Store may join only one Market.

    How to Join a Market

    Go to the Market, and on the About Us page of the Market you will see a button to either Join, or Apply to Join the Market. You must be logged in, and you must have a store with at least one active listing.

    How to Create a Market

    To create a Market, your Market needs a logo and a banner graphic. (These are required to showcase your Market.) Click here to create a Market.